Do Strippers Give Out Their Phone Numbers?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: It’s a big myth that “strippers cannot give out their phone numbers. ” Yes they can, but the strippers are told not to. The management of the strip club usually tell strippers to not give out their phone numbers. There are several reasons for that; one is that they want repeat customers which means more income of course for the club and girls. However, the biggest reason is that the strip club can get sued for prostitution.

The fact that the stripper is handing out her phone number can be seen as the first step towards prostitution (which is illegal). So if the management sees a stripper handing out her phone number, she can get fined by the club or in worst case fired. Even if the strip club is considered “dirty” (meaning a lot of extras happen inside the club) these places usually still enforce that strippers can’t give out their phone numbers.

That is one why reason why getting a phone number from strippers is much harder compared to girls in bars and clubs. First you need to have really good stripper game, have strippers really attracted to you, and my diagram on how to pick up a stripper clarifies this a lot.

Now this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a stripper’s phone number. I, and many other guys good at stripper game like The Don, Braddock, Calabrese, Prestige, and Fader are proof.

Here are some quick tips on getting a stripper’s phone number. I assume that you two are getting along great and that she is genuinely attracted to you.

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