Gil Rio Infield Footage (Daytime Dating)

My boy Gil Rio just released this video where you see him approach a girl and he breaks down what he’s doing. His breakdown is excellent and you can learn a lot from watching this 20+ minute video.

Daytime Dating

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  • The_saint_moz

    Great Interaction. GilRio does a great job and explains well the Emotional Progression on Daytime Dating, 
    Great Job from this LoveSystems Coach. Jeremy Soul,NickHoss and now GilRio have infield daytime dating videos. Hope to see you Master Bonsai, opening on daygame. and more guys, like Braddock, Daxx and Mr.M.

    • The_saint_moz

      And one more think, he explains very well the process of Qualification and Relate and Creating Commonality.
      Also explains the difference of daytime dating game and night game. On daygame we should focus on Normal Conversation, qualification and comfort.
      Really a great resource for who want to pratice daygame. 

  • Gilrio

    thanks for sharing man! all the best from the City of Angels :)

  • Asian Women Online

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    Great information there, I have always
    wondered the right way to go about this, thanks for showing me! Some
    of them points are really straight forward but all too often you will
    over look them.


  • Luckyguy3012

    Check out the recent interview of the Asian Playboy as featured on ABC News Nightline. He really knows what he’s talking about. APB discussed some basic techniques in approaching  women.

  • John Robie

    Always a pleasure to see recordings of other guys in the field. Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot. Be Amazing,

  • Rob

    For the first 10 minutes, notice the body language of the gurl. Her legs are crossed almost constantly, which shows a bit of subconscious resistance. over all a good approach!

  • SocialKenny

    Gil is a solid guy when it comes to game